Concours D'elegance DrustaR








The idea

We live in times where our everyday lives are getting more convenient, and each new innovation renders the previous one obsolete. The technological discoveries, either in communication or transportation, allow for a trend of fast usage and less mindful care towards our material possessions. The retro vehicle is the antithesis of this philosophy – an irreplaceable and intricate manifestation of the craftsmanship and aesthetic values of its time. This attraction and appreciation for the past genius in the field of culture and design is evidenced by the numerous trends that return these oldschool elements. Vintage style and retro have long been in vogue, bringing gentle nostalgia and a coquettish sense of timelessness. The retro car carries not only these visual references, it is an experience. A journey through time that gives us, lovers and passionate collectors, a short escape from reality, in which we can enjoy and appreciate the boundless mastery behind cars.

Style and good taste never go out of fashion. The vision and sound of a Mustang are what the little black dress is for the ladies who ride in it. What makes our Concours D’Elegance even more memorable is the luxurious and picturesque location of the upcoming show. Among the beautiful landscapes and the tranquility of the Bulgarian nature, you will be able to enjoy the wonderful cuisine, the exciting planned events and the amenities of HYATT REGENCY PRAVETS RESORT. The participants in the event are always carefully selected with special requirements, guaranteeing the unique selection of retro cars. Visitors and the audience will be able to take advantage of the various access packages to witness an unforgettable weekend, and the excitement is guaranteed with the accompanying elements such
as retro clothing and the impressive jury panel. We look forward to seeing you with great pleasure between September 22 and 24, 2023.

About the competition

As in every year, the selection of cars for the competition is being carefully chosen, where each participant receives an individual invitation. The criteria are very high, which guarantees the high level of the Concours and justifies the interest it has from media, collectors and the audience. Last but not least – the jury panel consists of some of the best specialists in the area of historical vehicles in Europe.

• Audience Award;
• The most authentic car;
• Best restoration-studio;
• The big prize of the contest –
“The best of the show”

• Antebellum closed car – “Dinosaurs on the road”
• Antebellum open cars – “Wind in the hair ‘
• Post-war sedan – “The World Is Big”
• Post-war convertibles – “Journey to the twilight”
• Post-war carriages – “The power is back”
• Iconic models of the 20th century – “When dreams come true”
• Post-war cars from Eastern Europe – “The red flag gave birth to us”
• Custom cars – “Flight of Fantasy”
• Class Porsche – “Born winners”

Concours D’elegance DrustaR video


22.09.2023 FRIDAY

12.00 – 17.00 – Arrangement of cars and accommodation
17.30 – 19.30 – Welcome cocktail and briefing on the terrace in front of the lake
19.30 – Dinner in Mercato (main restaurant)

23.09.2023 SATURDAY

9.00 – Start of evaluation of the cars by the Jury and Day of the Audience
12.30 – 16.00 – Gourmet lunch on the terrace in front of the lake
17.00 – Car parade and award ceremony
20.00 – Gala dinner in Pravets hall /dress code “Grease”/

24.09.2023 SUNDAY

Free program and departure

Place of the event